Utah Landscape Design


1. Gather

- Likes/Dislikes Survey
- Budget
- Team Introduction
Utah Landscape Design Idea Stage
Utah Landscape Design Modeling

2. Brainstorm

- Idea Sharing
- Who Uses the Space
- Crucial Features

3. Plan

- Initial Site Plan in CAD
- Layout of Key Features
- Initial Estimate
Utah Landscape Design 2d rendering
Utah Landscape Design 3d model

4. Envision

- Create Plants Plan
- Details of Duplication
- 3D Models and Renders

Utah Landscape Design

Case Study
Butterfield Residence - Alpine, Ut
Gather / Brainstorm
- Wants to Keep Existing Evergreens
Before Photos
Utah Landscape Design Before landscapingUtah Landscape Design before landscaping
Utah Landscape Design Butterfield 2d
- Wants to Keep Existing Evergreens
- Helped Visualize
- Team Understood Tight Schedule
Utah Landscape Design 3d Butterfield property

Our Team is experienced in horticulture and tech-savvy

Logan Hall - Utah Landscape Designer

- Masters in Landscape Architecture from Utah State University
- B.S. Landscape Management from BYU
- Experienced in designing Northern and Southern Utah Landscapes
- Proficient in all of the necessary software
- 5+ years of nursery experience
- Passionate about bringing the beauty of nature into the built environment
- Loves spending time with his wife and 2 boys

Ashley Herd - Utah Landscape Designer

- B.S. Residential Landscape Design & Construction at Utah State University
- 2+ Years in business management for a construction company
- 5 Months working at greenhouse
- Proficient in both computer aided design and hand drawn design
- Enjoys pottery, string art, and anything that can be made by hand
- Learns something new every day from her husband and two daughters
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Utah Landscape Design

Pricing Packages
Tier 1 - Bronze Package
Small Scale Design.
For partial front or back yard redesign or planting bed redesign

- Video Call/On site meeting
- Design Sketch
- Partial Planting Plan
- Quality Measurements
- Color render
- Estimation Bid
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Tier 2 - Silver Package
Small Scale Design.
For new build and overhaul projects

- On site meeting
- Site Layout Design
- Full Planting Plan
- Quantities of materials
- Color Render
- Estimation Bid
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Tier 3 - Gold Package
Small Scale Design.
For high-end new build projects

Silver Package PLUS:
- 3D Rendering
- On-site consultations during implementation to advocate on behalf of homeowner
- Detailed Planting Plan
- Details Hardscapes Plan
- Measurement sheet for installation team
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Utah Landscape Design

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